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important life decisions

Four Steps to Making Important Life Decisions

Life is full of choices, and they are what define the course our journey takes. We are faced with tough decisions at all important milestones in our lives. For instance, choosing the right career is a dilemma for many students. As we grow up, finding the right job becomes another major decision to be taken. Read more about Four Steps to Making Important Life Decisions[…]


Why Zumba is extremely good for your wellness

Since I was very young we learn to dance from our parent’s hands. But not everybody has this cultural approach. I came from a Latin American country, like Shakira, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi (anybody hasn’t listened “Despacito”?), and mainly where the Zumba born. That is why I love to dance but even more workout. Read more about Why Zumba is extremely good for your wellness[…]