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Why hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best investment as Entrepreneur

Why hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best investment as Entrepreneur?


virtual assistantTimes are changing and the working methods too. On a daily basis as an Entrepreneur, you face the challenge to be 100% in every detail of your business. However, it is not always possible because the most critical tasks, such as attending or looking for clients, and managing the accounting require your full attention. For these reasons hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best and most cost-effective thing an Entrepreneur or a small business owner can do.

5 reasons why hiring a virtual assistant will bring you lots of benefits:

1. Let’s be honest you are not rich…yet: Business growth requires capital. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to reduce cost saving in labour costs as you don’t have to pay benefits or office expenses like rent or internet. In addition, you won’t pay for training or perhaps very little. Many Virtual Assistants already have the skills you need (like the VA we have in Digital Communication CCC). Lastly, the important fact of cost reduction in the wage. Usually, they charge per hour or assignment, on this basis you can hire them for a certain number of hours to fit into your budget and, eventually, add more hours depending on if a new business task emerges. You will definitely save money in the long run.

2: Your time is Gold! The most valuable asset in life is time, and time is money. To have a growing business you need time to think in Strategies, develop new ideas, forge new relationships and strengthen the working relationships you already have. As a result, all you have at this moment are hindrances to grow regardless of how much time you spend on daily basis locked in simple but extensive administrative tasks, like email management, customer support, community management or updating your Website. All assignments that push you away from your prime aim.

3 Delegating is important to improve the quality of your job. Let’s face it, you don’t have to do everything, even more, likely you don’t know how to do it, and is fine! Therefore, delegating tasks is an effective way to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Remember your sanity is crucial for your business success. You can prepare a list of tasks which a self-driven Virtual Assistant will organize and implement for you. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can teach you to create a team and place trust in her to finally can focus on bigger opportunities.

4: Strengthen weak areas: As we wrote above is not possible to be a jack of all trades! A V.A will make up for certain skill gaps in your organization. Since having more presence on Social Media creating outstanding content, accomplishing the various task on your behalf with the help of technology (not everybody is a tech-savvy), personalizing and prioritizing each customer inquiry. Ultimately, hiring a Virtual Assistant can pinpoint inefficiencies and streamline procedures helping everything run smoothly and increase productivity.

5: Escape from the employee’s drama: When you are a boss and you work in an office is common that take place disagreements between people. In that order, you must deal with this. Since VA does not work within the same walls of your business there´s little no conflict with others. Moreover, you wouldn’t deal with her dramas either.

With all these items listed above are no excuses to not get into a new work methodology. Remote work and freelancing are the cutting-edge hiring process. Now tell us what’s your excuse to not hiring a Virtual Assistant?


Claudia Corina Cejas