5 benefits of staff augmentation services in Latin America

Companies often have to launch digital products and services at a fast pace while keeping a low cost of production. These constraints put a lot of pressure on IT departments, as they must deliver high-quality projects with tight deadlines in a market with a shortage of skilled professionals. For these reasons, staff augmentation services have become almost essential to successfully achieve business objectives and many US companies set their sights on Latin America.

What is Staff augmentation and what is the difference with outsourcing?

In staff augmentation, the IT resources will join the in-house team in a single project, in either the short, medium or long term to fulfill specific tasks and help manage the workload. With outsourcing, an external company is responsible for managing and executing the project delivering the final product. The main difference lies in the control of the project. Now … why is this hiring model beneficial and seek IT talent in Latin America?

Benefits of hiring IT talent from Latin America

1. Similar Time-Zone

In contrast to Asia, the time zone difference with US allows Latin American staff to work with several hours of overlap with their clients. This allows remote workers to create better synergy in the day-to-day with your on-site team.

2. Cultural Match

Because the culture of the US has a strong influence in Latin America, there are similarities in the work styles and business approaches. Most of the tech talent already has experience working for US companies and startups. Moreover, these remote workers have high standards of English language skills given the client the assurance that when deploying the staff augmentation service there won’t issue communicating with the in-house team and managers.

3. A thriving pool of IT talent

Latam is known for having the best and highly-trained resources. The competitive skills that Latin-American developers, coders, and programmers can provide are in high demand because of their performance and high-qualified education allowing companies to get full support to any project.

4. High-quality productivity at less cost

Since the cost of living in Latin America remains lower than in the United States, desired salaries are often above the local market and below US t. A word talent pool with staff augmentation enables companies to reduce operational costs and focus on growth while workers deliver high-quality services for less than local workers.

5. Avoid IT Labor-shortage

The technology industry in Latin America is booming. The increase in the number of IT professionals in Latin America has been remarkable in recent years. This broad and well-qualified workforce is available US companies, in particular for the small and medium-sized ones, that cannot afford to pay the salaries required by local workers and need to fill a position in a short period of time

How to hire Latin American IT Talent and streamline the process?

Finding the best staff augmentation provider is the first step and Nearsure is the best nearshore company to partner with. With 12 years of recruiting experience in Latam, we are committed to helping US companies to build their teams with the savviest Latin American tech talent. Nearsure provides solutions and matches the right talent with companies´ needs.
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Claudia Cejas