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¿Qué es el Seo Copywriting y porqué es fundamental para el progreso de cualquier negocio presente en la Web?

What is Seo Copywriting and why is it essential for the growth of your business?

Seo copywriting

Let’s start from the basic, being a food lover doesn’t make you an expert chef, does it? The same goes for Seo Copywriting. A copywriter has the ability to create creative, original, well written and engaging content for the audience. The experience and skill of writing come with the practice. A good copywriter, such as a journalist, first researches due to part of his or her job is to understand what is writing about, and then letting himself or herself go into writing.

A Seo is a professional who basically ensures that web content has visibility to the largest possible number of people. In other words, it optimizes the writing content to attract the attention of search engines, and position your website among the top rankings. Mr Google, today is actually a response engine. It uses algorithms that detect automatically some items( by the characteristics of the texts of the different sites) to decide its positions.

Why Seo Copywriting is a must?

With these two elements together, users will be able to see your Website in the first positions as soon as they make a search. In addition, they will remain there longer, being more interested in the informative content or services offered; and potentially having your business as a reference.

Static websites are already vintage, and as everything goes along with everything, digital marketing is the relative of the Web Design.

On the other hand, copywriting is the key to the creation of persuasive texts that seduce the client for your own benefit. But of course, it is necessary to have others “condiments” to reach massively our niche.

The balance is fundamental but the truth is not always a copywriter understands about SEO (whois in charge of seducing Mr Google), and vice versa. However, still possible to find professionals Seo Copywriters like the ones we have on Digital Communication CCC.

How a good Seo Copywriting works?

We have previously clarified that each article and page of any Web itself has to catch the reader and the potential client: from the information itself, as well as from the way it is communicated. Just have in mind what you are expecting when you read something on any platform.

*Keywords: They are those words that Google’s “robots” detect as most searched by users in relation to the theme you are posting. It is really important to know the right amount of keywords that should be incorporated into the text but must be introduced in a natural way. They bring more traffic (Seo) and have to be listed beforehand, prior to starting the writing.

The Seo copywriter also knows in which part of the text body it has to be included.

*The length of the article:  There is a minimum of 350 words and although there isn’t a maximum if is not a valuable content the reader can get bored.

*Meta-descriptions and labels: Essentials! They are those descriptions that are seen underneath the title in Google’s search interface. It must be concrete and summarize the content of the article. Basically, it is the first impression that will drive the people to click on the link.

The tags in the Seo copywriting help the user, and Google, to easily navigate in your website.

*Link building:  Add URLs links to your site is fundamental in Seo copywriting. The more you have, better. They must link to internal articles, as well as to our Social Networks. Moreover to other´s Websites with high traffic.

Is it time to hire a Seo Copywriter?

The important part of any business is not to lag behind with the advance of online sales. You can pay ads: FB ads, all very effective:  Instagram ads, Google Adwords, but this organic method is definitely crucial. Now that you know what Seo copywriting is and how it can help you, it’s time to choose a good professional! Did you find this article interesting and clarifying? Well, that means in Digital Communication CCC we have the best Seo copywriters then.