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Fall in love of Netherlands with the Amsterdam Walk - Digital Communication CCC

Fall in love of Netherlands with the Amsterdam Walk

Millions of tourists from all over the world who go to Europe visit the lively Dutch capital. This city has such fascinating attractions that you can explore on your Amsterdam Walk. This splendid tour offers you the most interesting highlights of the city and what is often overlooked as well. In the Amsterdam Walk, you will have a skilled bilingual guide at all times, who will deal with all your questions and provide an enjoyable experience as you walk around the city. The most popular places you’ll be seeing on the Amsterdam Walk include Dam Square, the world-renowned Red Light District and the historic Beguine village of Begijnhof. As if that weren’t earmarked for your holidays, the Amsterdam Walk also gives you the chance to sample traditional Dutch delicacies, including gin and waffles. This well-rounded tour will make you get the most enjoyment out of your visit to Holland. Pre-book in advance and let Lindbergh guide you through the wonders Amsterdam has for you.

The spirit of Holland on the Amsterdam tour

In the Amsterdam Walk, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get to know the emblems of this pulsing and energetic city. Your trip to Amsterdam will be unforgettable. With this tour, you will have an expert bilingual guide who will explain the history of the famous canals or the development of the city into what it is now, among other topics. The Amsterdam walk also includes a glimpse of the eye-catching Red Light District mixing with the peaceful village of Begijnhof, home of the ancient Beguine nuns. In addition, on the great Amsterdam tour you will have the chance to try the following traditional snacks: stroopwafels (waffles with syrup), haring (pickled herring) and jenever (Dutch gin). The Amsterdam tour is undoubtedly the best way to get to know a sampling of Dutch culture and its delightful traditional sandwiches. Discover with the Amsterdam Walk the best-kept treasures of this beautiful city.

The enchantment of Amsterdam just a clicks away!

Lindbergh through his wide experience gives you the perfect trip to Amsterdam and you will be able to appreciate the most visited attractions as well as the delicious and traditional local gastronomy. What are you waiting for? Book with Lindbergh your ticket to the best Amsterdam walk.


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