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6 infallible keys to know how to choose the best tattooist before to get one

6 infallible keys to know how to choose the best tattooist

Best tattoist

The art of tattooing is broad, eye-catching and very popular today. Certainly, is something that will remain in our body for life. And for this reason, it is critical to choose the right tattooist who will use our canvas skin, to be satisfied with the result and have no regrets in the future. With the guidance of a great tattoo artist: Pulpo, we will list 6 fundamental keys to make a wise choice. Don’t forget to be aware of them before tattooing.

Following the steps to pick the best tattooist:

1. Check his/her Instagram or portfolio. Social Media and Websites are the galleries of their work and style; you need to read the comments and find out if they are a skilled tattooist. Pulpo wisely remarks something about the social networks and its display: ¨ Unfortunately nowadays, the image of the tattooist has sometimes been misrepresented by realities and matters outside the tattoo itself, has become a stance where someone buys a machine without knowledge, create an Instagram, makes two or three bad tattoos and he/she is already considered a respectable artist … becoming popular just for the number of followers, who do not necessarily reflect the real talent¨ Therefore, it is more important the customer’s comments than circumstantial followers.

2. Price is not synonymous of good quality. It is true that each artist quotes his work as he/she considers it, but as in every profession, there are some who earn a lot for a work that is not at the height of talented artists who charge the same or less for the same work. However, Pulpo also sets a view ¨I believe that a good tattoo must be paid, if it is expensive and you can’t afford it is better to wait to have the money understanding that it is something for life, being completely sure that the tattoo will be made by a trained artist instead of taking a decision only because is cheaper and you end up with a draw that you hate¨.

3. Visit the studio. It will be more visible his/her works, furthermore, you could check the sanitary precautions which are essential. Dare to ask about his/her trajectory ¨Are some mainstay that must be deeply learned in order to have a self-growth. In the world of tattooing, you have to know about machines, pigments, lining, shadows, colors … having basis for later developing a professional career. I believe that no one should never take itself for granted and every day more training is required. What it takes more than one or two years¨ Pulpo explains.

4. Speak with the artist. Explain your expectations and listen to his/her suggestions regarding colors, size, and position. An expert can give the most accurate advice and be able to understand a client. If you feel there is a connection and you are convinced by the reasons, you are right in front of YOUR tattooist.

5. Find someone who is an expert in the style you’re looking for. Like Art indeed, there are different styles and it takes years to specialize in each, so every professional has proficiency just in one or a few styles. According to Pulpo, it is not possible to be a master in all of them. The realism of faces is the most difficult since a line that thinly stretched in an eye or nose, changes according to the person, either in color or black and grey. ¨Tattoos, like every Art expression, is a language and in spite of you might be able to represent many styles with respect and quality, reach a point of make yours a style takes uncountable years¨

6. Learn how to find out when someone is not good. The clue is on how the piece looks after healing, that is something that a tattooist must know, mainly in Black and grey and color styles. You can approach other clients and ask them about the results. Another crucial point is to check out if he is a real drawer. Pulpo points out ¨In my opinion, someone fails when he/she does not know how to draw beforehand. Read “Know how to draw” when he/she can craft an image functionally¨

To summarize, we quote again the wise words of Pulpo who guided us in these 6 keys: ¨The best tattooist knows how to read what the client wants when it comes to pieces involving a previous design. In addition to the knowledge of the style that the client brings forward¨

Musician and passionate drawer nearly from the cradle. Pulpo has developed himself in the art of tattooing for several years. We appreciate his teachings to learn how to choose the best tattooist, also the art that he offers us day by day.  IG: @pulpotattoovalentinalsina

Claudia Corina Cejas