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5 Best apps to start learning Spanish that helps you to be fluent quickly

5 Best apps to start learning Spanish

apps to learn spanish

Learning a new language like Spanish can take time and a lot of effort. Nothing better than take a lesson with a native Spanish teacher and afterwards be completely immersed in a country where the language is spoken. However, there are apps to start learning Spanish you can use to make the process a lot faster and less stressful at the beginning

Here are the 5 best apps to start learning Spanish:

1 Duolingo  This free app has a really high rating which means it’s able to serve its purpose of helping to learn the language. Like a game is a very enjoyable and easy way of learning new vocabulary, basic grammar, and simple conjugation. It makes it through reading and repeating Spanish sentences after listen to a native Speaker, playing with multiple choices, creating a sentence and matching a picture to a word. We can’t avoid mentioning its lack of heavy grammar make it a good tool to have a basic conversation if you are sightseeing Barcelona or Buenos Aires, but is not your best friend if you want to pass a Spanish exam or have a philosophical conversation.

2.Rosetta Stone Is famous due to an immersive language learning. You will be taught the Spanish through Spanish like a young kid in primary school. No translation was offered as the whole idea is that you will just “figure it out” intuitively. You can schedule a live tutorial lesson with a teacher and even have conversations with native speakers. A free trial version can be downloaded for free but full features have a pricey cost

3.Cat Spanish Is another free app for learning Spanish with a fun interface. It designs involves cats, they run the whole app being a funny approach to the language, definitely is an original way to catch up your attention. This uncommon experience also allows you to add friends to different games and lessons and compete with each other checking the progress. This exciting app makes smooth read about grammar and memorizes sentences and vocabulary. The full version is not free.

4.FluentU  The app is unique in that it’s based on real Spanish videos, commercials, news, and music. Beside inspiring talks turning these effective options into a language learning the effective process. This means you can immerse yourself deeper into the language. You’ll learn Spanish as it’s spoken in real life with different topics like movies, TV shows, and sports. Moreover, you are able to change the level of complexity what makes this app ideal for learners with different levels of proficiency. This app has only 15 days free

5.Memrise This IOS free app helps you learn the language through memorization of Spanish words. It has different modules and lessons to better understand the language for eg “Spanish Vocab by frequency”, “Advanced Spanish”, and “250 most commonly used Spanish words”. Each lesson generally has 15 new words to study with its translation in English as well as an audio recording of each word.

The funny part it won’t be pure repetition but hilarious and entertained sentences. It’s much more memorable because sometimes it comes with a ridiculous picture too. To sum up, Memrise is highly recommended to get rid of the tedious memorization changing the strategy of learning a foreign language in a serious way for some pretty slick humour.

Now you have our list of the best apps to start learning Spanish. Will you start learning this sensual language? Which app will you choose to bolster the classes with a native Spanish teacher

Claudia Corina Cejas for Chica-Chico Spanish lessons.