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WordPress supera a Wix y Squarespace como CMS

WordPress: Why it’s better than Wix and Squarespace

wordpressWhen a Website needed to be built for a company or for a personal entrepreneurship, many people prefer a CMS (Content Management System): a self-manageable platform, where anyone can be the designer of their own Website or Blog with no programming or design knowledge.  WordPress is nowadays and to us, what Michael Jackson represents for pop singers. And we underline, nowadays because who knows what the future holds for Justin Bieber?

WordPress VS Wix: Street-fight

Both CMS are functional for beginners because of their simplicity and accessibility, as well as their ease of customization.

Wix offers a quick and free solution, providing automatically hosting and domain but constrainedly includes a Wix extension. However, if the objective is to show itself as a professional brand: well.. the fruit is not always sweet… due to in that case is essential to have your own domain. WordPress, on the other hand, does not enable the domain although the acquisition process only takes a few minutes. Also, is free download it.

With Wix you can choose between different templates and with an editor, you are able to modify text, images, colors and so on to end up publishing the Website: As far as apps are concerned, it only has 288 and no adjustments are possible.

It e-commerce is fine for simple products, but unfortunately, beyond short text fields, you cannot customize the information. Moreover, this feature is only available on paid plans that cost more than a regular Wix site. Regarding data security, all the content is exclusively hosted on its servers and cannot be transferred anywhere else.

When installing WordPress, the number of themes obscenely overtake Wix’s, while if you’re feeling adventurous like Indiana Jones, it’s possible to create everything from zero with Widgets. It has over 53000 plugins adding or adjusting functionalities, plus those that are paid. And maybe if you have a developer friend, to whom you have paid several beers in the past, and now he wants to lend you a hand, he can absolutely modify the code.

With WordPress you always have full control of everything, having security and backup plugins. Regarding e-Commerce, it has a huge portfolio of add-ons that expand the online store displaying products.

If you just want a simple way to create a Website and don’t worry about Security data or the versatility to customize a site, then Wix is probably a good choice. Just remember – if you decide in the future you would like more updates, there is no migration available. So why not think ahead?

And what about Squarespace?

As WordPress cheerleaders, we must say that the differences already listed are the same. Wix and Squarespace are quite similar, but not 100%. WordPress, in this case, is the referee of the fight between his smaller rivals.

It is also important to point out some differences between these two. Wix has more than 500 templates while Squarespace, just 40 (Knock out). Wix is free but you have to pay if you want to remove the advertising. Squarespace offers 15 days trial, and then must be paid 12 dollars if you want to continue working. Is expensive or cheap?  It’s up to each pocket. Wix wins the fight for points thanks to its cost, technical support, and smoothness, although Squarespace almost defeated on the field, resist the battle with their striking designs and their compatibility with mobile phones and tablets.  Last but not least, once you have chosen the template on Wix, there is no turning back without having to rebuild the whole site, whilst with Squarespace this is possible.

“Hips don’t lie”, Shakira sing, and WordPress numbers either.

For your final decision, we must add that 75 million websites are made with WordPress. More than 26% of all sites are built by this CMS, topping others by 50%.