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Frustration tolerance is the clue to sales success following these key points

Increase the frustration tolerance is the clue to be a successful seller

frustration toleranceLife is full of good and bad moments, and even though I would looove to write that all the goals we have set for ourselves will be achieved such perfect as in our dreams, well, In that case, I would be failing the truth. Furthermore, as people say true will prevail, and personally I don’t want the “true” against me. Therefore, I must talk about frustration tolerance.

Frustration is a feeling we’ve all experienced. and the key is to learn to face it and even learn to live with it like if we were a couple. We should take it as a springboard to continue seeking all the objectives we set for us, including being a successful seller.

Despite sometimes we may not believe that sellers are human beings…we can affirm they are  ;P.  What’s more, they constantly face this emotional state. The key point is the tolerance to frustration, an important human quality to be successful in sales as well as in life.

With the cutting edge of technology and digital marketing breakthrough, the different Social Media has grown, and the sales competition is almost overwhelming. Consumers have access to thousands of sales offerings, with just one click, however, can take a long step from the desire of buying a product or service to the final action. Essentially, it’s very important for a sales team to take on this enlightening idea into their mind, because, every seller ineluctable will be dealing with a hesitant buyer or face many rejections when trying to concrete a sale.

How do you handle the frustration tolerance when you aim to increase your sales?

In order to rise up the level of frustration and not feel good as a salesperson, three main points must be taken that will push positive sales results.

Self-acceptance and review what happened: We must accept that no one is perfect, be indulgent with oneself, and also is important to understand that everything can be learned. Skills are improved and refined, and experience allows us to figure out which is the best way to reach people.

Meditate: Deeply analyze what occurred. How were all the customers who have not accepted the product offered? What speech has been used for selling? How were the initial approaches? You should never be satisfied with only one selling technique. On the contrary, you must be evolved, reconsider your tactics and redesign them. There is a vast human database that can guide you: basically, all those people who have said no before.

Facing the unavoidable: Eventually, the denial will come, you can´t avoid it yet face it, and take it as a strong pill to encouraging you to convince another potential customer. You don’t have to regret the missed opportunity or remain with the NO, but above all, you should never feel defeat. Because finally, I want to tell you a secret that has to remain between us: the YES, at some point, ALWAYS comes.