Five effective ways to learn Spanish quickly

Spanish learning

Spanish is really important in the world

Nowadays most of the people know the importance of Spanish as language. Spanish population continues to grow in quantity (especially in the USA) and this roman language with a sensual sound is becoming more widely spoken throughout the world.

There are 21 countries that have the Spanish as official language whilst in other is spoken in many regions (Andorra, the Philippines for eg). Furthermore, is the second most spoken language, behind the Chinese while tourism in Latin America and Spain are really significant, and still increasing. There are no excuses, what could be better than learn this enchanting language while you are traveling and interacting with a bunch of people in a club where Latin Music is playing?

5 unerring ways to quick learn Spanish

1 .Take lessons but also… Every new language requires some grammar knowledge. To be able of creating a sentence we must understand some structures, the verb conjugations, and basic rules. This is extremely important. But the truth is, as much you can improve on your own beyond the lessons, you will become a fast learner. Try to incorporate into your vocabulary between 5 to 10 new words in Spanish: write them down and record them on your cell phone, and finally make a sentence with it creating an association in your brain. Use purposefully that sentence in a conversation. If you are able to daily memorize at least 5 new worlds, your Spanish vocabulary will widely increase.

2. Spend time in a Spanish speaking country. My main recommendation is to move or spend a few months traveling along to a Spanish speaking country. One month over there is equal to three months of classes. When you have the obligation to communicate with people who don’t speak English your braid immediately will feel the demand, and everything you have learned in the past suddenly will come out. Moreover, you will get used to the sounds, words, and accents.

3. Have Latin Americans or Spaniards friends, or even better… enjoy a romantic relationship with a Spanish speaker. Following the idea of the number 2 tip, being every day in contact with the new language is highly important. Well, nothing stronger than power of LOVE. Have a Latin lover could be intense and full of passion, but also, he or she will motivate you to express your feelings, thoughts or needs. Is when google translate become an unavoidable tool in your life! However, if you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend don’t break up with him or her yet. Just make new Spanish speakers friends who can chat with you every day. Are no excuses, currently find these people is easy through Social Media or language exchange meetings.

4. Start watching movies, TV shows or videos with Spanish subtitles. You will realize some words are similar between English and Spanish, getting used to the sound. Don’t forget take notes about new vocabulary, idioms or sentence! Then when you feel more confident with the language, remove the subtitles, yes NO MORE SUBTITLES! Challenge yourself and make an extra effort to understand what’s going on. Doesn’t matter if you only get a random idea and not the whole speech, that’s is a huge step and is the right path in order to improve. Remember, is always easier if you can catch the movement of the mouth and the facial expressions. Meanwhile, if you are listing music or radio do it with earphones to be deeply concentrated. One hour a day is enough, you might not notice your improvement but believe me, your brain is definitely assimilating all the information.

5. Trust on yourself and be kind to you. Everybody makes mistakes, don’t be shy to speak out and ask for help if you don’t remember a word or you are feeling stuck in a conversation. Most of the people are happy to help you and they are not going to tease you. But it would happen, just laugh at yourself. Nobody is perfect, and as soon you start taking your first class, go out and implement your new language skills (even saying a few words) In that way, you will feel promptly motivated, curious and encourage to keep up with the lessons. On the other hand, remember patience is the clue, all new learning takes time and dedication, just enjoy every step you have done.

If you are English Speaker and you want to follow these steps don’t hesitate to write me in Spanish, I will happily be your Spanish speaker friend who can practice with. Never mind if you are not Penelope Cruz or Antonio Banderas speaking or writing, the effort if what is count though.  In the end, my English is not even perfect…and I’m not so worried about that.


Claudia Cejas